The project is defined as a time-bound activity in order to produce a unique product, service or result. Projects are run at all levels of the organization and can include from one to several thousand people divided into several teams.

Project management is a set of procedures in which knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are applied for the purpose of project objectives implementation.

The procedures we apply in project management and defined by the IPMA standard are as follows:

1.    Initiating Process – involves launching and rough definition of the project,

2.    Planning Process – planning objectives, resources, time frame and scope of the project,

3.    Executing Process – resource coordination with the purpose of plan implementation,

4.    Monitoring and Controlling Process – activity monitoring and measuring during plan implementation,

5.    Closing Process – actions leading to the completion of a project or a specific project phase.

Process stages are not separated and, depending on the project, they can be interwoven, overlapped and replicated until the final completion or realization of the project objectives.